Gestuz campaign white jacket



Gestuz is feminine and cool – an accessible wardrobe of go-to pieces that nail the kind of contemporary looks women feel great in. We design from an intuitive sense of style to capture a feeling or a mood, and always with a female-centric perspective as well as a sexy, self-assured undercurrent. Our take on sexy is never obvious but rather non-traditional, intelligent and empowering. 

Gestuz is about subtly disrupting and updating the classics. We understand the fashion rulebook but we like to challenge it. We are rooted in the effortless ease of the Scandinavian design heritage, but our visual language also elegantly rebels against it. Our pieces go far beyond the reinterpretation of staples. What really defines Gestuz is an element of sophisticated surprise.

Gestuz campaign trench coat and flower dress


Gestuz was founded in 2008 by Sanne Sehested, who wanted to create a brand rooted in her own wardrobe and the kind of energy and feeling she believed fashion should give the wearer. What began as a label celebrating off-duty rock ‘n’ roll style has developed into a multifaceted, confident and sophisticated aesthetic, where an air of the original tough chic remains. 

The AW08 debut was well-received by clients and press, and Gestuz quickly gained traction in markets such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Scandinavia. Despite launching during the onset of the financial crisis, the brand grew rapidly and expanded into North America, receiving several national and international design nominations. 


The Gestuz woman is multifaceted. She’s a modern woman and world citizen with energy, power and a confident outlook on life and fashion. There’s a sense of something unconventional about her even when she’s at her most refined. She’s self-assured and playful. She’s the cool girl or woman in the street rather than an unattainable fashion ideal, with the kind of glow and ability to throw things together that you want to emulate. She’s sexy, independent and effortlessly daring. 

Gestuz campaign leather jacket and skirt