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GESTUZ partners with the National Organisation of Women’s Shelters (LOKK) to raise awareness for women and children living with domestic abuse. GESTUZ has created a capsule collection of three t-shirts with all proceeds going to LOKK. 

“As a child of a violent parent this is a cause that goes beyond a brand collaboration. It is of course about raising money to help ensure further safety for more women and children in need, but it is also about breaking down the taboo that exists around domestic violence. No one really knows, what goes on behind closed doors, and domestic violence exists in all parts of society. I hope this collaboration and my story, can help someone out there see that they are not alone. And that it is OK to ask for help. I hope to be a voice, telling my story about growing up with domestic abuse and maybe inspire someone out there.“

— Creative director Sanne Sehested.

The collaboration is the first of its kind for GESTUZ as the importance of authenticity was vital for Sanne and the brand. The objective is to make a difference for the people working at women shelters in Denmark and most importantly the women and children staying there, while also spreading awareness needed to break down a taboo that Sehested and her family experienced as victims and family.