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CPHFW runway look

Chatting with key makeup artist Stine Rasmussen and key hair artist Annesofie Begtrup

For the GESTUZ autumn winter 2021 show for Copenhagen fashion week, the goal was to create a hair and makeup look that was very minimal and natural while enhancing the beauty of the individual model. We sat down with the team behind to discuss how they created the looks for the first GESTUZ fashion show in years.

The challenge was all about embracing the very different looks of the models while projecting a sense of all belonging to the same GESTUZ pack on the runway. Hair artist Annesofie Begtrup and makeup artist Stine Rasmussen took it upon them to create the looks for the AW21 GESTUZ show.

One of the main ideas was to create a look that took into account the diversity of the models but also created a feeling of unity.

“I wanted to do a clean but also strong makeup look that really enhanced the features of the girl. As a small variation, we did a hard, square liner on some of the girls to really create a powerful feeling. It was all about looking at each model to match their features and colours.” Key makeup artist Stine Rasmussen.

The hair was imperfect and scraped back to create a focus on not only the collection but the individuality of the models.

“We wanted to do a look that created a sense of unity on the runway while still adapting it to each girl. There is no one size fits all, so we really looked at each model, their type of hair and their features. Having the hair scraped back in this loose, natural way created a very clean and fresh look that also allowed the necks and chests to be free, which makes the heavy winter looks seem a little less heavy and sexier. All products used for the hair looks are by Aveda Nordic, who were official sponsors at the show.” Key hair artist Annesofie Begtrup.

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