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GESTUZ AW21 show for Copenhagen fashion week

Creative concept and behind the scenes 

How do you create a fashion show in a time, where people can’t meet? With the same feeling and power of an actual show? Those were the questions that began the creation of the very first GESTUZ fashion show. A show without an audience.

“We pretty quickly knew that we weren’t going to show for a live audience this season, and therefore began discussing how to offer the same sense of being at a show, while embracing the possibilities digital elements could give us. I see it as quite the representation of how we have had to work the past year; constantly rethinking and readjusting.”Creative Director Sanne Sehested.

AW21  was set to be the first runway show for Gestuz since the early days of the brand. The current restrictions required a different take and the brand opted for a classic show, minus the physical presence of an audience. The runway show was pre-recorded, giving the viewer the opportunity to discover the collection on the runway.

“After a show, some of the most inspiring imagery is, in my opinion, the fast, in the moment, quirky shots captured by the audience. You get a sense of what caught their eye, and it shows details that you would not see unless you were physically there. So, we questioned how to translate that into our showing.” Creative director Sanne Sehested.

This became a concept for the GESTUZ AW21 show which merges the digital and the physical. The brand presents the AW21 designs on the runway side by side giant screens, showcasing short clips of pieces and materials from the collection; reinterpreting the film and images you might have caught on your phone if you were physically there viewing the show.

We wanted to create something that was cut to the bone but still gave a sense of who are as a brand.

“We wanted to create something that was cut to the bone - very much like the traditional, no concept shows of the 90s early 00s - but still something that really gave a sense of who we are as a brand. With that in mind and with the current restrictions that lead to a runway show existing in the intersection between digital and physical.” Art director Sille Eyser.

See the full show online here